FEI Enterprises Inc, was created specifically to provide services to the Tourism Industry.  Our services include, logistic warehousing and distribution of collateral and promotional material, world wide.  We also offer financial services for the Hotel Industry. 


Our brochure and collateral material fulfillment service takes advantage of the  World Wide Web to provide you secure access to your inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can access your inventory from any Internet Browser from anywhere in the world.  FEI fulfillment service and system include digital imaging of your inventory as well as real time inventory and tracking reports.  Our global warehouses are climate controlled to ensure your brochures and material are delivered in top condition.  Partnerships with Global transportation companies guarantee you will maintain, or improve, your current shipping discount.

FEI's commission payment service is also internet based, providing the Hotel Industry with a user friendly system to make commission payments.  With ultimate flexibility, clients can schedule payments to be mailed weekly, monthly or even daily.  All payments include detailed information including guest name, dates of stay, and are even personalized with the your Hotel Logo.

This service is designed for Hotels which do not have an office within the United States.  These Hotels take advantage of deposited funds within 24-48 hours, significantly improving cash flow.  With this service all funds are deposited directly into the Hotels US based, bank account.  Our clients find this service to be effective, convenient and secure, with 24-7 access to accounts, recent transactions and detailed transaction history.


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